Otoplasty in Miami

 Do your ears stick out or feel disproportionate to the rest of your body? Otoplasty, or ear augmentation, is a common procedure for those who want to reshape their ears. Dr. Reyna can “pin back” ears that protrude from the head or reshape misshapen ears.


An otoplasty with Dr. Reyna will improve facial balance and give the ears a natural shape. Patients for this cosmetic procedure range from school aged children to adults, both male and female. Many patients report a powerful boost in self esteem after their surgery.

Am I A Candidate For Otoplasty?

otoplasty miami flBoth children and adults may be good candidates for otoplasty. It is important for both young patients and adults to be generally healthy without life-threatening illnesses.

At five years old, most children’s ear cartilage is stable enough for correction surgery. We also look for children who follow instructions well and are able to voice their feelings about a potential surgery.

Adults are good candidates for ear surgery if they are healthy without any medical conditions that may inhibit their healing process. People who are dissatisfied with a previous surgery or who have suffered an injury are also eligible for reconstructive ear surgery.

Ear Surgery Procedure Details

There are multiple anesthesia options available to patients and Dr. Reyna will advise the best option for you or your child depending on your needs. The surgery is an outpatient procedure that usually lasts two to three hours.

During surgery, Dr. Reyna will make an incision on the back  of the ear or where the ear meets the head. These incisions are easily hidden because they are behind the ear. Through the incisions, Dr. Reyna will remove excess cartilage or sculpt cartilage to improve the shape of the ear.

Dr. Reyna will close the incisions with personalized stitches that align with the natural curves and shape of the ears. You can feel comfortable your results will look natural and beautiful.

Your Results and Recovery

The results of an otoplasty will be noticeable immediately, but patients will need to wear protective bandages for about a week after surgery. Bandages and dressing will promote healing and keep the new ear shape positioned correctly.

Swelling, discomfort, and some itchiness may be felt the first week after surgery, which is easily controlled with medication.

Schedule Your Free Consultation In Miami, FL

If you are interested in improving the shape of your ears, take time to visit with plastic surgeon Dr. Reyna in his Miami office. He will work with you to make the best recommendations based on your cosmetic goals and medical needs. Dr. Reyna has extensive experience working with children during through his medical mission work and medical training, so parents and our young patients can feel comfortable with him.

When you come in for a consultation, you will always meet with Dr. Reyna. Patients are able to talk with him about every aspect of their potential otoplasty and how it is performed. You’ll also be able to see past patients’ results and truly get comfortable with Dr. Reyna.

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